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When is SEO Less than Ideal?

Yes, you read that right. Doing SEO might be the hype for most websites today, but not in all circumstances will SEO be the ideal answer to your concerns.


SEO, when done under the right instances and executed correctly, will give a better return on investment compared to any other marketing strategy. There are some situations that make SEO a less than perfect option for some companies.

Here are some scenarios in which SEO won’t be the right move.

You don’t have enough funds.

Don’t appoint an SEO firm if you have limited funds for it, let’s say, $500 per month. If SEO is done the right way, it will have a particular threshold cost, and it’ll require more than $500 a month. Perhaps there are companies who’ll be willing to do the job for you, but the output won’t be that significant.

Those who provide affordable offers for SEO aren’t always the ideal strategy. You should aim for proven experience and good quality. Why not wait for the time where you’ll have more funds to shell out? Or better yet, especially if you’re an entrepreneur of a small business yourself, learn the ins and outs of SEO and do it yourself. In that way, SEO will still be the way to go.

You require results. Fast.

Since it’s considered as a long-term investment, SEO won’t produce short-term results (some with a few exceptions).

If you just recently launched a new website on a never-heard domain name, you can look forward to wait for a few months to a year before you can observe results for SEO, not unless it’s keywords that you are targeting – it’s where competition is not too tight.

On the other hand, if the website has been running for a couple of years now and you’re not really aiming for heavy and competitive keywords, then you can expect results within two to three months.

If you need to improve sales as well as lead generation efforts within the first few months, SEO isn’t ideal for you.

What should you do instead?

Immediate online marketing efforts will work better with retargeting and paid search.

  • Retargeting refers to those website banner ads that seem to show up wherever you are. They seem to remind you to visit their site again.
  • Paid search, or more popularly known as ‘pay per click’, Google AdWords, PPC or search engine marketing, pertains to those ads that appear with your natural search results.

With those two, ads related or refer to your site can appear in Google and in other sites in a matter of minutes, rather than spending a couple of months waiting for results brought about by SEO.

No to Peer Pressure

Don’t get involved in SEO simply because everyone seems to be doing it. Every business and industry is different. You may think SEO is a good choice for the firm, but think twice – or even thrice – as there might be other forms of marketing that will suit you and your organization better.

No single SEO company can promise you top rankings in no time. If they utter such words, then they’re not professionals. They should set realistic expectations regarding the business to keep your relationship going well. They must be able to emphasize the essence of long-term strategies, and know how to focus on ethical approaches.

Bottom Line

Not all times you have to resort to SEO to increase your sales, especially if there are some factors that indicate why that isn’t exactly the best move to do.

However, if you still choose to coordinate with an SEO company, keep in mind that the success and your website’s visibility will be in their hands. Future sales and profits will push through only if best practices will be followed. Choose the right partner to propel your business further.