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Key Factors to Remember in Oyster Bay Real Estate

Real estate has become one of the most sought after industries in the market for so many decades now. Real estate represents a significant portion of a person’s wealth. This is especially true as most people have around 30% of their wealth tied up in real estate, translating to trillions of dollars of revenue for the real estate market in the US alone.

For many investors, real estate is both an attractive and lucrative market. The same can also be said for the current Oyster Bay real estate market scene. This article will discuss the four primary factors that mainly affect the real estate market and different investment options available.


Demographics refer to the composition of a population. These data commonly include race, age, gender, income, population growth, and migration patterns. These statistics are often overlooked by most people, but can have a significant impact on the real estate market as it can dictate the price and market availability. A significant shift in terms of demographics of a country can have a huge impact on real estate trends for decades to come.

Real EstateFor instance, those who were born between the years 1945 to 1964, or what most people commonly call as baby boomers, are just one of the demographic trends that can highly influence the real estate market. The transition to retirement of these baby boomers have not only affected the real estate market, but has been also influential to many market trends.

There are numerous ways wherein demographics can affect the real estate market, but as an investor, you may need to evaluate the situation at hand. You may need to determine whether it is financially rewarding if you focus on your properties in popular vacation homes as more and more baby boomers are retiring.

2.Interest Rates

Another important factor in real estate marketing is the interest rate. Changes in the interest rates can affect people’s purchasing power, especially when it comes to purchasing a house or any other residential properly. The reason behind this economic phenomenon is pretty simple. As interest rates fall, mortgage rates also decrease. This will then create a huge demand for real estate and a huge increase in market prices. Conversely, as interest rates increase, mortgage rates also increase, lowering the demands and prices of real estate. For the Oyster Bay real estate market, you may need to get in touch with a real estate advisor to know more about interest rates.

3.The Economy

Another equally important factor that you need to consider is the state of the nation’s economy. Some of the most common indicators of a country’s economy include the gross domestic product or GDP, manufacturing activities, employment data, prices of goods, etc. Basically, when the economy slows down, so does the real estate market.

However, changes in economy can have various effects on different types of real estate. For instance, an economic downturn can have a sizable impact on people who have invested in hotels compared to those who invested in office buildings. Hotels are good examples of properties that are very sensitive to economic activity because of the innate structure of the business. Renting a hotel room is considered a form of short-term lease, something that any person can easily avoid in case of an economic downturn.

On the other hand, office buildings have longer term leases which cannot be easily terminated or altered when the economy is on a decline. Therefore, aside from keeping a close watch at the state of economy, you also need to evaluate your real estate property’s sensitivity to the changing economy.

4.Government Policies and Subsidies

Another factor that plays a huge deal in the real estate industry is legislation as it has a sizable impact on real estate demands and prices. The government can temporarily increase real estate demands through tax credits, subsidies and deductions. Knowing the current government incentives can help foresee changes in the supply and demand in the real estate industry. It will also give you an edge as you would be able to identify any false trends in the market.

The Best Investment

Due to the overwhelming increase in popularity of the real estate market, most investors have realized the fact that investing on real estate can be a lucrative business move. The investor can invest directly on a real estate property or through the help of managed funds. Direct investing in real estate involves purchasing the resident or commercial property, either to be sold or as an income-generating property.

On the other hand, indirect ways of real property investment can be done in various ways. It could either be through a real estate exchange traded funds or ETFs. It can also either be through a real estate investment trusts (REITs) or commingled real estate funds (CREFs). You may need to get in touch with a real estate expert in your area to know what options are available.


These are just some of the essential factors that play a major role in the real estate market. However, there are far more complex aspects of the industry that may come into play. Although most of these factors suggest a clear-cut relationship with the real estate industry, in practice, the results may vary. Essentially, understanding the primary elements that drive the real estate market is essential to conducting an in-depth evaluation of a potential real estate investment.

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