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Choosing the Right Golf Apparel

Golf apparel is very much part of the game and it is just as important as owning the right golf equipment.Golfers need the proper gear that will suit the changing weather, seasons, and the natural golf playing environment.

Golf apparelWearing the appropriate apparel is not just meant to make a player look good and dashing on the golf course but is also necessary to keep the golfer fresh, alert, warm and dry for maximum performance. Whatever the condition, wearing the right protective apparel boosts a golfer’s performance and should be given much consideration. Fashion and protection is now possible with modern fabric technology.

When it comes to choosing the right garment, the market offers golfers a range of selection to match their needs and preferences. To cope with the changes in seasons and the fickleness of the weather, golf apparel are variably breathable, waterproof, rainproof, seam-sealed, and wind-proof. Some outwears are even reinforced with DWR coatings, or insulations. All of these special features affect the prices and affordability of golf apparel but are necessary investments for serious golfers.

Golfwear needs to be breathable besides being protective, bright, and fashionable. Breathability is important in both the shoes and shirts because it spells comfort on the course. It is difficult to achieve both waterproof and breathability in the same garment but technology is catching up with the needs of golfers to be dry and comfortable on the fairway. This, of course, comes at a heftier price tag.

Waterproof and seam-sealed garments offer full protection against water and keep golfers dry during rain seasons. Golfers who plan to brave the elements for a good, extended game of golf will have to look for 2,000 up to 5,000mm plus of waterproofing protection. Waterproof golf apparel is generally laminated on the backside of the garment and it is durable enough to last many years of usage.

While garment waterproofing is effective at keeping the water off, seam sealing is necessary to make a garment completely waterproof. The time-consuming and tedious process of rolling or sealing with a highly specialized waterproof tape adds to the cost of the apparel but the full protection it offers during rainstorms makes the investment well worth it.

Full seam-sealed apparel is one where every stitch is covered by tape. A less expensive option is critical seam-sealing where the apparel is sealed only on the major areas that are susceptible to water.

Water-Resistant means that a garment offers less than 1,000mm waterproofing protection which makes the apparel just good enough to keep the water off for a fairly limited time during a heavy downpour. A water-resistant fabric is usuallycoated on the front or top side of the garment and most coatings wear off after several washes.

Windproof garments keep the wind out and keep golfers warm. Wearing windproof golf apparel is important during those playing days where winds are blowing strong and during winter to keep the cold from seeping in.

Some fabrics are coated or sprayed with durable water repellent (DWR) coatings or sprays which work at shedding the water off the top of the apparel. DWR coated wear protect gofers from rain water without sacrificing breathability. DWR coatings are not long-lasting but can be restored with the use of DWR wash-in products.

Insulated fabrics helps keep players warm and can be quite useful during cold and wet days when combined with the elements of breathability and waterproofing.

Fabric technology is evolving and with the many options on the market, gone are the days when golfers have to wear thick and heavy clothing to be comfortable and dry on the fairways.