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Badge Lanyards Are a Powerful Promotional Gift

As part of your carefully planned marketing campaign, simple badge lanyards transform into a powerful brand-awareness tool if you hand them out as a promotional gift. This is not a difficult thing to do as all you need is just choose the suitable style, model, material, and color scheme. You can also customize your lanyards by printing your company name, motto, logo, promotional message, slogan, contact information, website, or anything else that you think would help your business to become known. Then, hand them out to as many people as possible.

Targeting More People with Lanyards

BadgeLanyardsCertainly, there is an incredibly vast range of age groups, professions, personal preferences, and social statuses that you could target in this case. Business executives, salespeople, office workers, doctors, university students, fashion designers, military men, school children, and even retired people would be happy to receive badge lanyards as a gift. Your employees as well as business partners would feel the same way if you give them your own company lanyard.

Apparently, people become annoyed when they are given useless items; even more so when they are asked to remember the information on them that they do not really care about. This is the reason a lot of people have learned how to shield their consciousness when they encounter ads on TV, radio, print, and billboard. This works the same with promotional materials. Regardless how much effort a business owner gave to customize their promotional items, people will not properly absorb the information if they do not appreciate or need the item.

A pen is proven as a great marketing tool. However, how many pens do you usually receive after attending a single trade event? There are a lot of them, and the sad thing is there is no assurance that your pen is special enough that people would use them every day. Giving away badge lanyards is a unique move, and the people who will receive them will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Lanyards Are Multifunctional

A lanyard is so versatile that it is so hard to replace it with any other item. Lanyards can hold all kinds of small and light items that are valued, have to be displayed, or kept within reach. First of all, it is much more convenient to hang and ID on a lanyard rather than to pin it to your clothes. Then, badge lanyards can also hold eyeglasses, mobile phones, watches, USB sticks, mirrors, whistles, water bottles, mp3 players, cameras, notepads, pens, and many other things.

Attachments and Styles

If you think that you can only have one thing attached to a lanyard, this is not always the case. You can put on a few items to your lanyard, and this can be done by having the right attachment. There are different attachment devices such swivel hooks made from metal or plastic, alligator clips, and pull-apart key rings.

Lanyards are also available in various styles and colors. The most effective thing you can do for your advertising goals is to have your lanyards customized with the color scheme of the brand image of your company. However, if you want to reduce your expenses, you can order a bulk of ready-made lanyards and have them imprinted with your company name, logo, and message. It is always better to order in volume because it is not just a cost effective option, but it will also guarantee that more people will be able to receive your lanyards.

Badge lanyards are easy to hand out and would increase awareness of your company. You will also be more recognized and this way, you could easily get back the investment you put in them.

Embroidered Patches: From Humble Beginnings to Being A Trend Setter

One way of having your identity known is through the use of patches. These patches are custom made and come in different types. Woven patches are made from thread stitched in a continuous design. The second one is the dye-sublimated patch which uses various colors of dye to create an image for the patch, instead of the traditional use of thread. Of all types, the one that is considered to be the most traditional is the embroidered. Patches of this type are commonly used for uniforms, hats, and jackets.

Embroidered patches making can be traced back thousands of years, as started by the people from the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and South America. They use patch making to create embellishments for royalty robes and for religious purposes. During those early times, clothing with embroidered patches on them was already considered a sign of wealth since only the elites were the ones who can afford them.

PatchesThis type of patch was initially handmade, but as industrial developments started in the 20th century, these patches have been created digitally to sustain the market demand. The computerized machines will take care of the patch design to ensure quality. However, manually made patches are still present, showing the traditional stitching methods and designs.

They come in different appearances and designs. Patch sizes vary on the type of art being used. The art is the message that is in your patch. It could be an image (e.g. logo, picture), text or both. Colors are also important for your patch because it highlights the details of your patch design. There are some patch attributes that are based on the purpose of the patch. For instance, patch backing will be based to the type of garment where the patch will be attached.

Today, these patches are used by government officials, sport teams, and organizations or companies for their uniforms to denote position, ranking, or a specialized unit. They are also used by space agencies such as NASA to denote missions completed. This kind of patch is considered as an important identification tool for the military.

In this new world of advertising, being unique and innovative is a challenge. One way of doing that is through custom patches. Adding embroidered patches onto an organization’s uniform will actually help gain revenue. Since uniforms are used to identify an employee, they are helpful in gaining customers. A simple patch on a uniform can assure a prospective client that you are a legitimate employee of a certain company and in return, you will get the client’s trust. Patches are also used to denote recognitions. Having this visible on your clothing will mean credibility.

Embroidered patches also symbolize history. Unlike other custom designs like silk screen, these patches won’t fade over time. Embroidery stitches are made with durability so these can last for a lifetime. Not only do these patches have a unique design structure, they are also great to personalize garments, thus giving your possessions their own identity.

Today, many companies are now offering custom made patches. With these companies, you have your choice to submit your own design, if you have, or you can consult their in-house artists to help you with your design. What is nice about these providers is that they help you by providing suggestions for your patch at no extra cost.

Embroidered patches are now introducing themselves to the world market as a growing industry. As these patches are being widely used, there will be no doubt that in time, they will set a new trend not only in advertising but also in the fashion industry.